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Season 1 (Episode 12) Edward H. Rulloff

 "Hurry it up, already. I want to be in hell in enough time to have dinner."  -Edward Rulloff (May 18, 1871) Edward Rulloff Full Episode: Picture source: New York Heritage Digital Collections   (Picture #1 Source: Atlas Obscura)(Picture #2 Source: Picture Source: Atlas Obscura Wilder Brain Collection at Cornell University in Uris Hall .  Rulloff's Bar in Ithaca, New York ( now closed ) Picture Source: The Ithaca Voice The "Finger Lakes" in New York "The Man of Two Lives"  Purchase here and/or here .  Other media about Edward Rulloff, for the curious:     Sources used in this episode: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. https://