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Season 1 (Episode 10) Levi Boone Helm

 "Let'er Rip!"  -Levi Boone Helm (January 14, 1864) Levi Boone Helm Trailer: Levi Boone Helm Full Episode: (Picture source: (Picture source: (Picture source: Boone Helm - a bad, bad man from Richard Wright on Vimeo . Sources for this episode: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Season 1 (Episode 9) Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh

"If the deed could have been recalled, I would have done it with all my heart."   -Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh (January 24, 1846) Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh Trailer: Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh Full Episode: Confession of Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh Fulton County Jail, Jan. 22, 1846 In presence of Judge Weston, Sheriff Thompson, J. W. Cady, Esq., Rev. James Otterson and Rev. David Eyster. In the name of Almighty God, whose law I have broken, and in whose presence I must shortly appear, I testify that the facts herein set forth, contain the truth and nothing but the truth. I was born in Bennington, Vermont, in July 1799; my parents having died when I was about five years of age. I was removed to Cambridge N.Y., my education was very limited. Throughout my life I have never regarded the Sabbath nor religion. I was married in my 20th year, after which I removed to Pennsylvania and remained there six years in the midst of a very rude community, there being no place of worship within 14