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Happy International Podcast Day


Season 1 (Episode 25) Thomas D. Carr

 "Not care a damn about all that..." -Thomas D. Carr (1869) Egyptian Wildlife Area in Belmont County, Ohio Louiza Fox's headstone and gravesite. More reads on Louiza Fox's legacy and memory: •  A Tale of Love and Murder in Egypt Valley •  The Tragic Tale of Louiza Fox •  Louisa Catherine Fox Murder Site •  Haunted Ohio Valley: The Tragic Tale of Louiza Fox •  Murder of Louiza Fox - Egypt, Ohio MEDIA:   Sources used for this episode: • • • • • • • • • https://thepennsylvaniarambl

Season 1 (Episode 24) Lavinia Fisher

"If anyone has a message, I'll take it to hell for you!"  -Lavinia Fisher (1890) Old City Jail Naval Base Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. View it now in present day. Media based on the Fishers.   Sources used for this episode:

Season 1 (Episode 23) Theodore Durrant

"I am innocent!" -Theodore Durrant (1898)   Emmanuel Baptist Church Cooper Medical College W. E. Hale (Warden San Quinton State Prison) San Quinton State Prison present day Theodore Durrant carrying the body of murdered Blanche Lamont to the bell tower of  Emanuel Baptist  Church San Francisco In April 1895 (POSTER)      Books available on Amazon based on Theodore Durrant and his life and crimes Sources used in this episode:

Season 1 (Episode 22) Harry T. Hayward

 "My only god was always money."  -Harry T. Hayward (1895) Hayward family plot Newspaper clipping of Harry Hayward's death Sources for this episode: 1. 2.,%20illimois&types 3.,+MN/@45.0159405,-93.4725,10z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x87f61d9215d9eea5:0xcc01715fd877449e!8m2!3d45.0208911!4d-93.5094574 4. 5. 6.